Do You Need a Roof Repair or Replacement

How To Decide Whether You Need Roof Repair or A Replacement

Perhaps you have found yourself paying more attention to your roof these days. It could be because it is getting old and is showing signs of wear and tear, or that you are dealing with heavy storms that have you wondering whether your roof is strong enough. Since your roof is an important aspect of the property, you must ensure it remains in the best condition if the rest of the property is to be protected sufficiently against the elements.

When you notice your roof beginning to deteriorate, you may wonder whether a roof repair is what is needed, or if you have to think about replacement. As the property owner, this is your decision to make, which means that you should be sure that your solution is long-lasting and beneficial to the property.

Here are a few factors to consider when wondering whether you need a roof repair or a replacement.

How old is your roof?

Each roofing material suffers differently from age. Some roofing materials last longer than others. For instance, slate lasts longer than wood. You can always call an expert to check your roofing and let you know how extensive the damage to your roof is. If your roof is over twenty years old, chances are that you may need a replacement instead of a repair, especially if you are planning on staying longer in that property.

Have you noticed any leaks?

Check your roof for signs of leaks to see if you need a repair or replacement. If it is a first-time leak that is not widespread, you should consider a repair. It is advisable to enlist a roofing contractor to check how much damage the leaks have caused. If the leaks are too big to be repaired, it is best to invest in a replacement rather than make several repairs. It will be cost-effective in the end.

Do you need to upgrade your roof?

At times, your roof may need an upgrade even when there is no damage. If you are making changes to your property, you may need to add a new roofing material or change the design to suit the changes to your home or business. Ensure you choose environmentally friendly roofing materials and also look for cost-effective designs and roofing materials.


If you feel that a roof repair or replacement is not what you need, you can always consider re-roofing. This is a process that involves strengthening the already existing materials by adding new roofing materials on top of the existing ones. It is a good option if the roof has some damage but it is too little to call for repairs. You can also choose this option if you feel that the roof needs to be strengthened, even though there is no damage. Note that re-roofing can only be done once, which means if your roof gets damaged it will need to be replaced.

Roof replacement Vs Roof repair

A roof replacement is always the best option if your roof suffers from frequent leaks and has led to mold damage inside the property. It may be more expensive than a roof repair, but it will be better for the property in the long term. A roof repair is much better if you have minimal damage.

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