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Roof Skylights For Commercial Properties

Skylights add a lot of value to commercial properties and do stand out for all the right reasons. This includes electricity costs and the amount of natural light that comes into the room. However, there are drawbacks involved with this type of investment too. Studies show, 10% of fatalities within the roofing industry come due to workers falling through the skylight.

It is important to make sure the skylight is set up in the right place and understand what the benefits or disadvantages are of going down this path.


The best place to start will be to know there are advantages associated with getting a skylight installed. It is a good option for everyone involved as long as you are putting in the time to maintain it. This is how you are going to see good results and prevent damage later on.


You will save quite a bit when it comes to electricity expenses. This is key when it comes to making sure the usage is as low as it needs to be. This matters when it comes to managing your costs and ensuring you are as reasonable as you can be.

Wisely Select The Location Of Your Skylight

It’s important to find a spot that will optimize how much light comes through using the skylight. This means not installing light posts on the pavement of the building or inside the hallways. This is how you start adding serious electricity costs to your bills.

Natural Lighting

You have to think about how much natural light is coming through. This includes what time the light comes in during the day. You will want something that works well at all times of the day without becoming excessive.


It is important to think about reducing your carbon emission and that can happen with the help of a skylight. It will reduce how much electricity you use during the day and that will add up over time.


While there are positives, you should also be aware of the negatives with a skylight before investing.

Safety Risk

There is a safety risk associated with a skylight especially for workers that are installing them on your property. The same goes for maintenance work that is done on skylights. Since they are located on the roof, workers can fall through and get hurt.

On the flip side, the following are the drawbacks attached to having skylights on your commercial building.


Moisture tends to be an issue when it comes to skylights and that is when leaks occur. The skylight will penetrate through the roof leading to water collecting where it shouldn’t. This is a major concern that will lead to a situation where things continue to drip as time goes on. To avoid leaks, it is best to always check up on how the skylight is doing and ensure it holds up well during the monsoon season. This matters a lot when it comes to finding the right roof experts for your requirements. This includes installing the skylight properly based on what the roof requires.

Extra Heat

Depending on how hot it gets during the warmer months, the temperature can become a troublemaker with your skylight. This excess heat is hard to deal with and that is something to account for when it comes to the inside of a building. You are going to want to protect the property by installing treatments, glazing, and window films. This will help make sure the sunlight is not getting through and leading to unwanted heat.

Excessive Light

Skylights are always going to produce light but there is a limit that you are not going to want to cross. This includes taking the time to understand how to protect yourself from that much light. The best option is to understand where the sunlight is being set up. This will ensure excess light does not get through inside the building.

With so much light, it is also going to create issues when it comes to the temperature of the room. In some cases, glare also becomes a problem that is hard to resolve. This is due to how the skylight is set up and where it is facing. It is best to make sure the sunlight does not stream through on the hottest day and that is by having it set up facing north.

Advice For Maintaining Skylights

With a commercial roof skylight, it is important to follow the tips listed below.

You will always want to make sure the surface of the skylight is clean as that is how the initial damage begins.

You will want to clean any dust or debris that is on the skylight because this will get in the way of its functionality.

You will also want to observe the skylight for potential moisture as that is how leaks pop up.

Tips for Upkeeping of Skylights

If your commercial building has a skylight, you must consider the following tips for the safety and maintenance of the skylights.

It is recommended to think about how the metal frame is doing as that will make sure you have something that does not break down over time.

Take the time to use a sealant that will make the frame and glass as resolute as it needs to be. This matters a lot when it comes to overall performance and safety.

You will also want to think about how the guards are set up as that is important for a skylight. Make sure to avoid coating the skylight with the same color as the roof to maximize its aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

There are pros and cons associated with maintaining skylights and you have to focus on keeping them in good condition year-round. This is where commercial roofing experts come into the equation to deliver valuable results right away. For those who want the best experts in town, it’s time to start with ApplyRite Roofing Company for all of your skylight requirements including maintenance, repairs, and/or installations.

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