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5 Advantages Of Getting A Commercial Roof Coating

There are a number of advantages to choosing commercial roof coatings to extend the life of a roof. Namely, a properly coated roof is able to withstand inclement weather, therefore, it lasts longer without needing maintenance or repair. Of course, roof coatings offer numerous benefits to commercial building owners, and some of them are discussed in detail below.

1. Coatings Are Able To Offer Proper Weatherproofing

Commercial buildings are especially at risk for developing significant signs of roof damage when exposed to harsh weather patterns and elements. A properly applied roof coating can help eliminate the potential for a leaking roof that causes interior damage to the building it protects.

Coatings are able to withstand not only extreme temperatures, but they offer an additional line of defense against rainstorms, thunderstorms, heavy snowfall, and of course, UV light. Due to the dynamic nature of the coatings available, they can help minimize or often eliminate the first signs of damage that occur as a result of elemental exposure.

2. Coated Roofs Have A Longer Lifespan

A coated roof has the ability to withstand inclement weather and in turn, that prolongs the longevity of the roof as an investment. This protects against unforeseen damage and saves money for building owners as it completely eliminates the need for repair and replacement that isn’t the result of the natural aging process.

Roof coatings are able to completely seal off a roof and weatherproof it to the point where the potential for any and all leaks are eliminated. Most importantly, properly applied coatings are great barriers that protect against UV damage that may discolor the roofing material. (Aesthetics are especially important when looking to sell a commercial building down the line.)

3. Protected Roofing Helps Increase Energy Efficiency

When a building’s roofing is adequately coated, it helps increase energy efficiency, thus, lowering exorbitant energy bills. The coating is able to act as a barrier against escaping air that may cause significant indoor temperature fluctuations. This allows the building to maintain adequate room temperatures that aren’t too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. By having better climate control naturally, a building no longer needs an HVAC system to run continuously, costing less to operate in terms of energy.

4. Roof Coatings Show Positive Environmental Impact

Businesses do what they can to reduce their carbon footprints and demonstrate their ability to remain environmentally conscious. Those businesses that choose to invest in roof coatings show to the general public that they’re taking a step towards a completely environmentally conscious existence.

There are two reasons that a coated roof is able to show that a company is environmentally aware. Firstly, the roof is able to adequately protect against temperature fluctuations, therefore, lowering a building’s dependency on excessive energy usage. Secondly, a coating prolongs the life of the roof, and that eliminates waste due to the need for roof replacement.

5. The Process Is Simple And Straightforward

Coating a roof is a simple and straightforward process that requires zero downtime. It is a seamless transition to better business practices and due to its virtually silent application, a business can continue as usual while the coating is applied by professionals.

Do Roof Coatings Work With Any Materials?

Roof coatings play well with virtually any and all existing materials. This fact alone makes them a popular choice for commercial buildings regardless of construction material, size or age.

Choosing The Right Professionals For Installation

There are numerous advantages to roof coatings, and whenever a business is ready for its next step, it is recommended to find a professional they can trust for the application process. Most trustworthy companies offer a free and reliable estimate to allow for the budgeting of their services.


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